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Dolphin Show & Seal Show

Starting Price (AED): 100 Normal and 120 VIP PER PERSON (Without transfer)
150 Normal and 170 VIP PER PERSON (With transfer)
550 PER PERSON swimming with Dolphin (Without transfer)
600 PER PERSON swimming with Dolphin (With transfer)
*** Minimum of 4 pax***
Duration: 45 mints show
Timing: Mon, Fri, Sat: 11am, 3pm, and 6pm//Tue-Thru: 11am and 6pm

Dubai Dolphinarium Shows are some of the most amazing events where you not only see and meet some of the most beautiful Dolphins that dwell in the oceans of the world but also get to play with them and have lots of fun at the same time. With its variety of programs that take place all the year around, it is a great place where you can actually interact with dolphins and educated yourself regarding the world’s most loved animals.