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MICE – Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events

  • The services offered here at Desert Wings Travel does not stop at travel bookings. Product launches, conferences, exhibitions, financial roadshows, and trade fairs can all be organized with our very dedicated and efficient meetings, incentives, conferences and events department.
  • We can organize a variety of events, and do all the extra stuff so that you do not have to. This can include taking care of guests, even finding a venue, or providing an analysis after the event to complete the experience.
  • We are joining the even management organizations around the world, and you should join us too. delegate registration, venue searches, creative and talent management, technical and AV support, and logistics can be done by our trained specialists dedicated to the MICE team here. Our specialists have access to other meetings, incentives, conferences and event teams across the world so that your event can be a success no matter where you are.
  • Once you know your requirements, your event will be tailored as such and we will manage the elements you need to outsource. This gives you leeway to oversee your event and remained informed by your own events team. You can choose your own proposed budget and choose services accordingly.
  • No matter your purpose—whether it is to reward your employees, communicate with the consumers, launch a new product, host a company event, or build a new clients base, you can contact us. We will give you a comprehensive quote and we will learn how best we can help you, and support you through the entire purpose from beginning to end.
  • Our meetings, incentives, conferences, and events department will assist you with travel management, so that you do not have to manage all the components of the travel yourself, venue finding, so that you do not have to scour the web for the right place on your own, accommodation and block booking management, conference and meetings, and seminar management, so that your event is as professional as you want it to be, technical and creative services, to make your event as fun and enjoyable as you want it to be, delegate management and registration, to ensure your guests are properly checked in and accounted for, and finally, online collaboration and project management if your event is a group effort, or if you are a company with many people involved.
  • This is a comprehensive, efficient service from beginning to end.


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